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webGobbler for Windows 1.2

WebGobbler creates collages randomly with images downloaded from the Internet
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Give free rein to your creativity and create collages in an easy and intuitive way with this interesting program. WebGobbler is a tool that is responsible for creating collages randomly through a multitude of images that the program automatically downloads from the Internet.

The images randomly downloaded from various Internet sources are mixed together and applied various effects, so every time you will get a different result. With webGobbler you can also use your own images and specify the size of your collage. Once the collage is created, you can save it in various formats, use it as wallpaper or even as a screen saver.

webGobbler is very flexible if you want to set up some options, for example:
- You can change width and height for the images downloaded, or if you want, the program can automatically detect your screen resolution.
- You can set up the frequency that the program will create a different collage, adding new random images downloaded from Internet.
- webGobbler can search and download images using specific keywords.
- Some image effects like: random rotation, mirror, invert, emboss, border smooth, etc., can be applied to your collages.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Easy to use and configure
  • Collages can be used as wallpapers


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